Elastic Mooring Systems



A wide variety of helix anchorsWhy should you consider a helix anchor when choosing a mooring system for your boat?

The answer is simple, helix anchors are far superior to all other anchor systems on the market today.

BoatUS Insurance Company and Cruising World Magazine have conducted pull tests to compare the holding power of the typical anchors used to moor boats against the helix anchor. Their findings have proven that helix anchors have 4 to 5 time the holding power compared to all the other alternatives.

A single helix anchor, properly installed, can withstand the pulling force of a 800 hp Tug boat. Many different test pulls, with strain gauges in the line have registered in excess of 20,000 lbs of holding power.

Key Attributes of a Helix Anchor

helox anchor diagramHelix Anchors work like your basic screw The holding power is created by the resistance of the soil sitting on the helices.

Hydraulically Installed helix anchorsHydraulically Installed helix anchorsManually installed helix anchorsManually installed helix anchors
  • Made with high grade steel
  • Drop-forged connections
  • Hot-dipped galvanizing
  • Major USA manufacturer
  • Wide variety of sizes and lengths
  • Tension capacities of 100,000 lbs.
  • All welding done prior to galvanizing
  • Our unique mooring termination piece
  • Long life span - Helix Anchors have been shown to last 30+ years
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