Elastic Mooring Systems



DownWind Yacht Sales has reported that: "Of all the vessels moored in Culebra's harbor, it was only their Beneteau that survived both Irma's Cat 4 hurricane and Maria's Cat 5 hurricane".

All other vessels either parted or dragged their mooring and washed up on shore as a result of the 180 + mph winds.

They've attributed the success to having had Boatmoorings.com install a mooring system that could withstand the forces of a hurricane.

Tommy Hill , owner of DownWind Yacht Sales & Million Air was beyond appreciative, given the cost of repair or replacement of his inventory of boats.

"I never imagined that the mooring that I had Dave Merrill of Boatmoorings.com install last spring in Culebra would be subjected to the test of TWO major hurricanes so soon."

"I requested Boatmoorings.com design and install a mooring system that would secure my vessels during hurricanes and that is what I got."

"From what I've seen of vessels that were attached to traditional systems or even boats secured on the hard, it's beyond question, having a professionally designed mooring is the best way to go.

Tommy Hill
Down Wind Yacht Sales
San Juan , Puerto Rico

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