Elastic Mooring Systems



Mooring experts and Harbormasters are favoring our system. Crocker’s Boat Yard, Manchester Mooring Service, Harbormaster , Bion PikeIndustry Professionals are choosing our system. Crocker’s Boat Yard, Manchester Mooring Service, Harbormaster , Bion Pike.
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Unlike traditional moorings, the Eco-Mooring System is designed to avoid making contact with the fragile marine habitat, eliminating the destructive action of moving chains and lighter duty anchors. Our elastic components are protected by an ultra high strength poly-fiber rope. For additional strength a Spectra rope can be incorporated.

Designed, manufactured and distributed by BoatMoorings.com, the Eco-Mooring System is the most ecologically friendly boat mooring system available today.

Read our endorsements:

"Three years ago we purchased the Eco-Mooring System and have been entirely satisfied. This product greatly reduces the swinging of the boat making it a lot easier on the boat and the mooring gear and has never failed." Vessel: Relaxen, BVI

"The Eco-Mooring Rode you left for us to test last summer was placed on one of our largest moorings in Stage Harbor, to be used by transient fishing vessels as well as visiting sailboats and cruisers. It has had fairly constant use by many different types of vessels, including a large offshore scallop dragger during the months of December, January, and February. The strength and durability of this product was well proven during the last six months." Chatham, Mass, Harbor Master Dept.

Additional Uses

  • Swim rafts
  • Swim marker lines
  • Navigation markers
  • Scientific equipment
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